our story

Our history and roots

our story

URGE Bike products was born from the meeting between Fred Glo (Tribe Sport Group) and Jean-Pierre "Zoobab" Garnier (URGE Snow products). Zoobab was looking to open up URGE, the ski and snowboard helmet brand he launched in 2001 with Phil Garcia, to mountain biking.

The project was a prototype of an open face helmet and the excitement grew quickly between them. To complete the board of partners, Fabien Barel (3 times DH World Champion), Christophe Gallo (Sales Director of Tribe Sport Group) and Laurent Cornec (associate owner of Tribe Sport Group) joined Fred and Zoobab to found URGE Bike products in 2008.

The first helmet was launched in 2009 with the Endur-O-matic. It is based on years of experience in the design of snow helmets. It is an open face Enduro which will be, by its design, a real "paving stone in the pond" and a marker for the young brand.

The Down-O-matic and Archi Enduro were released in the same period. The Down-O-matic was the first industrialized helmet made of natural flax fibre, while the Archi Enduro was the first full-face helmet designed for enduro racing. The foundations have now been laid and the DNA is clearly identifiable.

From the launch of the brand the specifications are ambitious in terms of eco-design and eco-responsibility. Any potential development in this direction is considered, analysed, weighed up and most often activated. We are making progress in small, regular steps, and the first significant objective will be reached in 2022 with the entire range made from recycled materials.

The brand now wants to offer its expertise in all areas of cycling and this will be achieved by 2022, as the 'Road-Gravel' and 'Urban' practices are now covered.

Our commitment to the environmental cause is more than just a key point, it is also reflected in the fact that we donate 1% of our turnover to recognised environmental protection associations. Bold and unique design also remains, along with safety, a constant in the development of our bicycle helmets.

Driven by our roots‚Urge Bike products, an upcycling company.