The Urge Crash Replacement Policy allows an Urge helmet owner to get a discount on a new helmet in case of an accident. A helmet up to 5 years old can be replaced at 50% off the recommended retail price.

If the helmet model is no longer available, it will be replaced by the closest model in the current range. The customer needs to get in contact with the Urge distributor in the country where the helmet was bought. He would have to provide to the distributor: 

  • Pictures of the crashed helmet

  • Information about the accident

  • Proof of purchase of the crashed helmet

Then, in agreement with the distributor, he will return the helmet to the distributor along with the payment (cheque or else depending on the distributor requirements). The new helmet will then be shipped directly by the distributor.

Our crash replacement policy is temporarily not available in the United States. Sorry for the inconvenience