Environmentaly friendly

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At Urge Bike Products, we have reduced our CO2 emission by 50% since 2011 (DownOmatic, first helmet with Linen fiber shell and Activist, first helmet made with 80% of recycled plastics) by increasing recycled or sustainable materials and renewable power resources while reducing fossil fuels and virgin plastics. Eco-friendly future is in place with Urge Bike Products.

Our helmets improvements.

Hard Shell : Venturo, Archi-Deltar, Deltar

  • Water based Paint
  • Regrinded Materials Mix

Inmold helmets: Supatrail, Seriall, All Air, All Trail, Nimbus, Midjet, Gringo, EndurOmatic 2, Trailhead, Lunar, Strail, Nimbus City, CAB, Centrail

  • UV Inks
  • Recycled PVC
  • Water based Paint

Helmet Liner : all

  • Recycled EPS

Non- Functional Plastic Parts : all

  • 100% Recycled Material
  • Ocean Plastics

Straps : all

  • Recycled PET Water bottles

Fit Pads : all

  • Bamboo Fiber : EndurOmatic 2
  • ECO Nylon : all the other

Packaging : all

  • FSC Colour Box : Forest managed in a way that preserve biological diversity
  • Organic Inks for Manuals
  • Biodegradable and Compostable Corn Bags