Recycled PET Water Bottle

  • PET causes the most of marine plastic waste and is hugely used in textile industry
  • Cleaned and melted PET water bottles are reprocessed as a yarn to be woven into straps

Ocean Plastic

  • It is reported that 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year and this inflicts injury, suffocation, and death of sea animals
  • We are cooperating with U.S. organization to bring in ocean plastics to make non-functional plastic parts

Bamboo Fiber

  • A cellulosic fiber regenerated from bamboo plants
  • Excellent biodegradable textile material
  • 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton so quickly dry and comfortable

Eco Nylon

  • Sustainable techno-fabrics use as much recycled nylon as possible to lessen petroleum and raw material sources
  • Reduced discarded nylon can help prolong landfill lifespan and decrease toxic emissions from incinerators
  • Recycled nylon generates less air, water, and soil contamination than non-recycled Nylon


  • The FSC is an international certification and labelling system that guarantees that paper and wood products carrying the FSC label come from an environmentally and socially responsible source
  • FSC mark provides the assurance about ethical and sustainable product standards and strengthen product/brand reputation

Recycled Pulp Colour Box

  • Recycled pulp reduces the use of virgin pulp, thereby contributing to the balanced Ecosystem

Organic Inks for Manuals

  • Soybean Oil Ink is used to print out our manual
  • Excellent alternatives to traditional petroleum solvents
  • Edible and fully integrated into the natural environment after decomposition

Biodegradable and Compostable Bags

  • Biodegradable and compostable bags are easy to decompose and reduce toxic gas
  • TUV Austria and BPI certified