1 Ventilation

« The more vents your helmet has, the more ventilated it is… » that’s what a lot of people think but in fact it’s not so simple !
On our helmets each intake vent is strategically located to provide the proper air flow adapted to each MTB practice.
Our inside channels are designed to maximize air flow. Also keep in mind that you must be able to use your helmet all year round, in summer as well as in winter. So we think we have achieved the best compromise even for those who enjoy a very short summertime. Don’t forget that first of all a helmet is made to protect and by definition a hole is not protective at all.


2 Your Safety

No idle words nor empty promises for us at Urge when your safety is at stake. We carefully and seriously study all the technological advances in order to keep on improving the protection of our helmets. 
That means we won’t choose the latest trendy best selling « technology » if we are not sure it will bring a  benefit in terms of safety.
Our helmets are among the most protective helmets on the market. So don’t be afraid to buy a Urge helmet even if you don’t see the latest fashionable logo on it.


3 Comfort

Our « shapes » as well as the materials put inside our helmets are unique. We are the only one to use these materials and they really provide an unequaled comfort. 
Our « shapes » are well thought and really precise to give a perfect fitting to most of head types. 
Our helmets are light weight enough that you forget you are wearing them, even during a long day ride. But also keep in mind that at Urge it’ s safety first and that light weight will never be achieved at the cost of your safety.


4 Retention systems

Nothing dogmatic nor invariable at Urge. We follow our own path with our freethinking. 
For instance two of our best sellers, the EndurOMatic and ALL m models, have no retention system, but thanks to thorough design work they fit perfectly and cosily on your head. 
And if we choose to put a retention system on one of our helmet it’s not because we follow the trend but because we are deeply convinced this helmet needs it to fit the MTB practice it’s designed for. And we’ll choose the most efficient system, not the most fashionable.


5 Our helmets volume:

Our helmets are among the slimmest fitting helmets on the market. 
Their volume is less than our competitors. 
Two benefits for a Urge owner:

  • It won’t look like a mushroom on your head
  • Your safety will be increased because it’s proven that the lesser volume it has the more protective the helmet is.


6 Our Design

Love or hate an Urge helmet. It’s a different and unique design, that breaks the conventional codes and may sometimes even disturb.
You are more and more likely to love Urge, it’s a proof that our design is definitely modern and even pioneer. 
When you choose to wear an Urge helmet you show you’re a bit different and audacious.

7 Eco Conception

Who cares ? We care ! 
We are a pioneer and leader in producing helmets using recycled materials and even natural linen fiber. It’s a part of our development strategy that means a lot for us. Even if we know it’s very minimal compared to the scale of our planet we feel compelled to act this way to minimise our ecological footprint as much as we can.