With the Actikid, we’ve finally reached one of our goals which is to offer a complete range, as we are now able to also protect kids.

The Actikid is the proud son of the Activist from which it shares the same features. Optimal protection thanks to its dirt helmet shape and therefore a youth approved style. Once again, Urge radically stands out by using innovative materials. Wanting to equip our kids for their immediate protection needs, we nonetheless don’t forget to take care of the future generations. We use recycled materials for the EPS foam and the PET straps. They are as efficient as the standard materials by passing with ease the required homologation tests. But they don’t need to use new raw materials and we therefore contribute in the protection of the planet by avoiding to use up its resources.

We are proud to think that in wearing Urge products, all these kids will be in a way ambassadors for the planet. So don’t hesitate if you’re the parents to make them aware about why they should doubly be proud of wearing Urge helmets. The first one being, as they know better than us, “it’s so rad to ride Urge”

RRP : €35

Available colors.


  • CE1078/ CPSC Certification
  • Recycled PET straps
  • Recycled EPS shell
  • designed for kids
  • 1 size : (48/54cm)
  • Delivered with pads of different thickness
  • 350 gr
Eco Friendly Index
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 1