• After several months of development and, in collaboration with 7 idp, we are proud to reveal the ERT ® (Energy Reduction Technology).
• This innovative and affordable technology will face the problem of rotational impacts and absorb them to keep your skull and your brain safe.
• In result, we get an intelligent, efficient, simple, light and comfortable insert that the new All-Air helmet will already feature and that will be adapted to other models of the range.

During an impact, it’s crucial to reduce as much as possible the quantity of energy from the shock that can possibly reach the brain.

The ERT by Urge Bikeproducts allows just that with a new level of performance : it allows a reduction of 20% of the energy transfer from the impact to the brain (compared to a standard EPS shell)

The test results show that ERT by Urge Bikeproducts also reduces the rotational movement of the brain during the impact.

Deformations from the ERT by Urge Bikeproducts to absorb impacts. 

Force reduction during impact illustration.

The ERT by Urge Bikeproducts Technology
- reduces up to 20% the energy transfer
- reduces drastically the risks of concussion from the rotational acceleration during impact
- increases the helmet protection against impacts
- absorbs part of the impact when deforming
- was designed in collaboration with the protection brand Seven IDP
- is very lightweight.

Integration of ERT by Urge Bikeproducts on the AllAir model