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Activist blanc

Manufacturer: URGE

Condition: New


39,00 €

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It's not difficult to create something innovative with an unlimited budget. On the other hand, with the same budget, to create something committed is not so easy and it can seem a bit fake sometimes. To commit yourself in one direction (for us it is to protect you in a more eco-friendly way) and to make it affordable to most is for us much more honest and useful.

That is our vision of eco-activism at Urge Bike Products and that's why we've created the Activist! This brand new model is our “entry level” helmet, but more importantly it is the model where we've gone further in terms of material choice and less polluting materials. In engaging riding our bikes, we all commit ourselves voluntarily (or not !) in the right direction and in some ways we are all influential leaders!

With the Activist, we've decided to keep that thought process and to really go for it! The inner shell is made of recycled EPS while the outer shell is finished by the process of ABS dyeing in order to avoid using paint. The logo is a relief in the shell, which is nicer looking and avoids the use of stickers.

Like the entire Urge helmets range, straps are made of recycled PET, our packaging has the legal minimum of plastic bags and other useless gadgets that end up in the bin. Finally, in regards to recycling, our boxes are made of raw cardboard that are printed with only one color and have no varnish. All you have to do is put them in dedicated recycling bins. Of course, along with all of the virtuous details, we haven't forgotten about the comfort, the ventilation, the look and above all the safety. Even if you are now an activist who decided to protect the environment, the new Activist was mainly designed to protect you during your riding sessions.

Recycled StrapsOui
Ventilation11 aérations
Indice Eco Responsable6
StandardsCE 1078 - CPSC 1203
Weight426 gr
Retention systemNon
Eps recycléoui
PadsDétachable Lavable