Real Jet 10ème anniversaire noir

Manufacturer: URGE

Condition: New


149,00 €

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URGE BP, last and limited editions of two of our iconic models 

Since 2008….10 entire years dedicated to develop a MTB helmets range, MTB helmets only.

We've launched a last production of the first URGE BP helmet ever - the Endur-O-Matic 1 and of the very unique Real Jet.

300 helmets only, of each model, hand-numbered one by one Jean-Pierre « Zoobab » Garnier himself.

Those helmets are out of time and can fit any kind of ride on any kind of off-road bikes, just because you've decided to.

You will enjoy not only a pure design but even more the most comfortable helmets of the market.

They are and will stay collectors for ever but never forget that they are super protective and practical.

Please don’t lock them into an unbreakable "safe" but bring them to ride anywhere you can.

Indice Eco Responsable2
Retention systemnon
Eps recyclésans objet
PadsDétachable Lavable
ShellEPS recyclé
StandardsCE 1078
Recycled StrapsOui